Basic Detailing Package



  • Full exterior wash
  • Hand dry
  • Vacuum of all interior carpeting, fabric and trunk.


  • All windows cleaned
  • All vinyl surfaces, door panels and cup holders cleaned

Installation Time: Average 24 Hours to Install

Calgary PPF is the city's only source for high end 3M automotive products such as 3M Pro Series Self-Healing film, 3M Crystalline and 3M Colour Stable tinting. Calgary PPF is certified and endorsed by 3M Canada. Premium 3M products all come complete with a 10 year warranty registered with 3M Canada and valid for all 3M certified installers throughout North America.

During the colder winter months, we do require a heated interior space to install, such as a heated garage, or underground parkade.

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Full exterior wash and wipe down. Interior vacuum. Cleaning of all vinyl surfaces and cup holders. All windows cleaned.<div class=”prod-details”>