Locations at Chinook & Deerfoot City


Coating Features:

  • 3m-Meguiars M688
  • Lifetime Application
  • 9H Pencil Hardness
  • Super Hydrophobia

Interior Protection Features:

  • 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector
  • 3M Scotchgard Leather Protector
  • 3M Scotchgard Vinyl Protector


  • Paint Correction
  • Three 9H Coats
  • Finishing Top Coat
  • All interior protected


Exterior Protection Package

This package includes ceramic coating for your entire vehicle.
Ceramic coatings are very different than PPF (Paint Protection Film), as they do not protect your vehicles surface from rock chips or road abrasions. They are simply intended to prevent oxidation or corrosion on the painted surfaces and keep your paint looking good for longer. Ceramic coatings also give your vehicle a superhydrophobic surface, helping to prevent adhesion of dirt and oxidation from the road.

A nonmetallic, inorganic coating made of sprayed aluminum oxide or of zirconium oxide, or a cemented coating of an intermetallic compound, such as aluminum disilicide, of essentially crystalline nature, is applied as a protective film for temperatures above 1100°C.Ceramic Nano coatings are applied much like a typical automotive wax where the entire vehicle’s surface is first cleaned with a claybar to remove anything that might prevent adhesion. After claybar, the vehicle is wiped down with a pure alcohol solution. After the surface is perfectly prepped, the ceramic coating is applied slowly with pressure, with an applicator pad. After application is allowed to cure for a certain time, the product is buffed to a mirror finish.

Interior Protection Package
This package includes: 3M vinyl, fabric and leather guard.
3M Fabric Guard:
Fabric Guard is a necessity living in the city of Calgary and Alberta. During the winter we are constantly getting in and out of the snow and slush, trampling carpeting and upholstry. Protect your fabric today at Calgary PPF.Automotive fabric guard protects fabrics from spills and stains and helps maintain the original look and feel of the fabric. It protects against UV sunlight and fading and offers durable, long term protection with strong hydrophobic polymers.Fabric Guard protective coating repels dirt, liquids, and stains from fabric.
This sprayable protectant and repellent micro-bonds to fabric fibers to shield against spills and stains. Fabric Guard uses hydrophobic technology to repel water and liquids on carpet, upholstery, seats, door panels, and other fabric surfaces. Any liquid spilled on Fabric Guard will simply roll off without touching the underlying fibers. Fabric Guard works on interior and exterior fabric for ultimate versatility. The advanced formula protects against fading and discoloration by blocking harmful UV solar rays. Fabric Guard maintains the original feel and color of the surface being protected. Repel dirt, stains, and spills to keep fabrics cleaner for longer. Fabric Guard is engineered using advanced technology that protects any fabric surface in any environment. Spray Fabric Guard on the fabric surface for the ultimate protection. Fabric Guard uses high-tech bonding technology for durable long-term protection. Protect any fabric surface against stains, spills, and sun with Fabric Guard.
3M Leather Guard:
After years in the sun and mushy winter seasons, your vehicle’s leather and vinyl surfaces can take a beating. They fade, tear and crack from dryness and exposure.
Protect it with Calgary PPF’s Leather and Vinyl protector.Leather was a living membrane at one time. The tanning process prevents decomposition by infusing preservative chemicals into the oil glands, and then fatliquoring the hide to replace natural oils that were lost. While fatliquoring keeps the leather soft for quite some time, it is not permanent. To keep that condition, leather has to be nourished with a quality conditioner.Calgary PPF Leather and Vinyl Conditioner preserves the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather. It also brings new life and resiliency to old or neglected leather that has become cracked or hardened. It is an emulsion much like those used in leather tanning. Its oils have been modified for even distribution and penetration without leaving a greasy or tacky surface.
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